This is Indigo’s core service proposition best suited to those clients who have growing investments and pensions and are looking to build and protect their financial position. It is more suited to those with investment portfolios and/or pension funds of between £85,000 and £250,000.

Also suited to clients in Retirement Drawdown, Foundation clients will want to meet with their adviser at least once a year to review their accumulating portfolio, but have access to their financial valuations and other data online at any time. They may also want to more effectively manage mortgages / debts and protect their financial circumstances appropriately against suffering serious illness or premature death. Estate planning and trust work could also form an overall strategy.

Most clients will have a clear idea of what they are aiming for in the future, and by having a closer ongoing relationship with a financial adviser, plans can be monitored to ensure that objectives are met. As circumstances change, the aim is to ensure that the portfolio continues to match the client’s requirements for future financial security.

The fees for this service are based upon a percentage of funds under management.

The Client Agreement, Ongoing Service Agreement and Charge Card can provide more information.

We would expect our Foundation clients to typically be concerned about:

  1. Understanding their present financial position including income and expenditure
  2. Developing/reviewing financial goals and understanding needs and shortfalls
  3. Understanding the steps they need to take or plan to take to achieve their goals
  4. Having financial security in the event of changing circumstances i.e. ill health or death
  5. The structure of their existing holdings and the risk they are taking
  6. Ensuring maximum tax efficiency and achieving income or growth from capital
  7. Achieving their performance targets/benchmarks

Included in the Foundation service:

  • Support Team and/or Adviser contact
  • Unlimited telephone and email access (response within 24hrs max)
  • Online access to portfolio via Indigo Portal
  • Detailed psychometric risk profiling and assessment
  • Yearly portfolio reviews including Asset Allocation strategy and re-balancing
  • Yearly consolidated portfolio valuations with detailed performance reporting and benchmarking
  • Providing professional updates to your accountant and other advisers
  • Access to a range of ancillary services including bespoke portfolio construction, tax return assistance and Cash Flow Modelling
  • A promise that the charges described in your Client Agreement and Ongoing Service Agreement are the only amounts we will receive for the services we provide to you

Your commitment to us as a Foundation client:

That you will:

  • Assist in data preparation for meetings initially and from time to time as requested
  • Provide all the documents and information requested
  • Inform your Adviser of any changes to your personal or financial situation
  • Participate in review sessions

Charge for this level of service:

0.75% per annum of funds under management, subject to a minimum of £635.


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