• Am I on track for retirement? – ensure you are funding your retirement planning properly and following an appropriate investment process.
  • How are my existing pensions? – build a clear picture of your current plans and establish any shortfalls
  • How do I get the best from my pension at retirement? – guide you through the many options at retirement.


  • How are my existing investments performing? – detailed analysis, performance charts, are they on track?
  • ISA Review – analyse past performance and assess risk and compare suitability
  • What capital do I need in the future? – children’s education costs, holidays of a lifetime, new cars
  • What capital do I want to leave behind? – wealth continuation strategies and estate planning


  • What income will I need in the future? – how your cash flow changes over the years
  • Getting better returns from Cash – building a solid cash portfolio, including ISA rate reviews
  • What can I afford to save? – understand your budget


  • Have I provided for my family if I’m not around? – ensuring you are financially secure in the right areas.
  • What if I can’t work due to ill health? – planning for the unexpected.
  • Is the mortgage paid off if I get seriously ill or die? – effecting new and reviewing the relevance of existing mortgage protection plans


  • I may want to access money from my home – considering the merits of equity release.
  • What’s the right mortgage for me? – cutting through the blurb to find the right deal.


  • How can I play less tax? – understanding your tax liabilities and reducing them
  • How can I reduce inheritance tax? – effective estate planning and making wills

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